Welcome to my site!

Hi, everyone,

Welcome to my web site, where I post information about some of my writing projects.

As I always do, I had a great time at the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention, and as usual, the three days flew by.  I sold some books, bought some books, made new friends, met some old friends, and talked to a lot of nice people.  I also got lots of compliments on the four “Lost” Sleep Detectives novelettes. Thanks again to Priority Print in Brookfield for making our hard work look so good.

If you missed picking one (or four) up, I plan to have them at the various book-related events I’ll attend over the rest of the year.  I’ll also have copies in my trunk and will be glad to sell you one from there.  As I told a friend recently: If you know someone who has written a book, you know someone with a box of books in their trunk!

The stories are also mostly available on Amazon in e-book format.  I say “mostly” because The Lost Job is not there yet, and I need to update the other three to include new edits to match the booklets.  I hope to get that done soon.

The medical procedure I wrote about last month went better than I expected, but I still think there’s a chance I won’t be up for a trip to Peoria in June so I’m reluctantly going to miss the Indie Author Book Expo this year.  But if you find yourself in that town on June 24th, or feel like taking a nice day trip there, you should stop by.  It’s free to get in and they usually have some swag bags to hand out.  A few of my pals from the Windy City show (look for George and Brian) will be there and I’m certain they”ll be glad to sell you some books.

But since I’m not going, I will be able to attend the next THC Presents Reading Series event, which is happening on June 24th at the Tamale Hut Café In North Riverside.  They are proposing that one of the pieces to be read that night be completely AI-generated.  I’ve asked for the prompt that they will be feeding the computer so that I can propose it to the Writers Group so that we can also write stories on the theme.  We’re hoping to present them in a way that the audience will be able to try to guess which story was not written by a human being.  Could be lots of fun (or it could be embarrassing if they pick my story as AI-generated.)

And I will have a table at the Southside Comic Book Show on September 16 at the Alan B. Shepard High School in Palos Heights, and Stephie says she wants to join me there, so I’m looking forward to that.  It was a nice little show last year and expect the same again this year. I had a lot of fun.

And on top of all this, I still administer the Tamale Hut Café Writers Group, which meets at 2pm on the second Saturday of the every month at the Tamale Hut Café, 8300 W. Cermak Road, North Riverside, IL.  Late last year we celebrated our tenth anniversary of regular monthly meetings and recently had one of our best-attended meetings in our history, so we’re still going strong.  Click the link above for more information and please attend if you’re interested in spending an afternoon with some really creative people.

I still regularly attend the aforementioned THC Presents Reading Series, also at the Tamale Hut Café.  It’s a monthly gathering of writers who like to read their stories aloud and listeners who like to be entertained.  The events are held on one Saturday evening a month (typically a week or two after the Writers Group) and are free to attend.  Please check the web site (or the Tamale Hut site on Facebook) for information about upcoming dates and featured readers.

If you’re here looking for information of the stories I have available, you’re in the right place. My latest published work (at least available on the web) is Barnstormers Book Two, which you can read about below.  It’s available at Amazon.com in paperback or Kindle.  Details of the other books I have in print are on my Other Books page, and I have some free short stories for you to read on my Short Stories page, including the popular tales of the customers of the Adventure Comics Comics Emporium, and a little piece of fan fiction that I wrote over the COVID summer featuring one of my favorite comedy teams. You can also listen to recordings of my book release events at the Tamale Hut Cafe. Check ’em out here.

Stay healthy. Stay safe. I hope to see you all soon..

Kristina “Kiki” Hansen and Bridget Doyle, undercover ICPO agents, continue their barnstorming tour across the country as they land their red-and-yellow Curtiss Jenny biplane in Chicago, where they have been hired to perform some air stunts over Riverview, a popular amusement park on the north side of the city.

But in 1925, Chicago was a dangerous place, where organized crime ran rampant, and several street gangs with their ruthless leaders fought to control the streets of the city. Add to that the activities of the syndicate run by the mysterious Belgian, and Bridget and Kiki will face more danger than ever before!

The action then moves to St. Louis, where the ladies join the prestigious Marie Meyer Flying Circus, only to again run afoul of the Belgian and his henchmen.Written in the style of the cliffhanger serials that thrilled thousands in the early days of cinema, this volume finds our two intrepid aviatrices facing phony cops and real bullets as they travel across the country in search of adventure.

Barnstormers Book Two is available at Amazon.com in paperback or Kindle.