March, 2017 update

I used to read the blog of a well-known science fiction writer in which, on days that just didn’t go the way he had planned, he would write that the day was consumed by locusts. That’s as good an explanation as any for the way my year has started. The job is going well, but while I seem to be surviving the commute just fine, it’s been sapping my energy more than I had expected. Because of that, I’ve been going to bed earlier than I have since I was old enough to decide my own bedtime, and that’s been cutting into my writing time.

Back in January I wrote about how I was keeping up with updates to this site, my monthly shameless self-promotion e-mail newsletter, and our family site,, but that promptly fell by the wayside after the first of the year. I plan to get back to all those things, starting with this update.

I did finish “The Lost Ticket” story I mentioned in previous updates, and have received positive feedback from everyone who has read the draft. I have a few minor changes to make, then one more pass before I send it off to my brother for editing and my nephew for cover design. With any luck, they’ll have it to them in a few days, so it might be available some time in April.

The comic store guys story I had planned for January and February is on the back burner, because as I started to do some research for the long piece I was going to write after that, I got really excited about it and soon it was all I could think about writing-wise. My plan is that after a few set-up chapters, it will develop into a road trip story, with each chapter set in a different town as my characters travel across the country. I read the beginning of the story at the Tamale Hut at last month and received a very positive response. I’ll have more about that next month, and will probably post the first chapter here when it’s completed.

The next THC Reading Series night will be Saturday, March 25th, and I plan to be there. I intend to have the first chapter of my new piece completed by then, and will be reading it to the crowd. If you can make it, I’d love to see you there.

Thanks for reading!


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