April, 2017 update

I am still struggling to fit writing time into my new work schedule, although after almost four months I really should stop whining about that. Still, I do have a few exciting writing things to tell you about this month:

  • I’m in the final edits of “The Lost Ticket”, the next story in the Sleep Detectives universe. This will be another Kindle-only release and I hope to have it available by the end of April. Here’s the rough draft of the cover, again drawn by my talented nephew, Ricky Bieniek.
  • The first chapter of my latest story, tentatively titles “Barnstormers,” is posted on the Barnstormers page. As I did with Stalking Stan Dixon, I plan to post each chapter after I read it at the Tamale Hut, but unlike that earlier story, I will only have the most recent episode here. It’s written in the style of the old movie serials, so each chapter will end in a cliffhanger, after starting with the resolution of the previous chapter’s end. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and I hope you enjoy reading it.
  • Speaking of that new story, each chapter will actually be longer than I have time to read at the THC. Some chapters, like the first, I will read over two consecutive monthly events, but for some I will just cut out a scene or two to fit in the time allotted for me to read. Sometimes it will be some exposition, but sometimes it will be a subplot that I can remove without breaking the story flow. The text posted here will be what I read at the Hut, but if you want to read each chapter in its entirety, all you have to do is join my mailing list. I send out a monthly e-mail with my writing progress and where I’ll be, if there are any literary events that month, but starting next month, I will include a new chapter of the story with each e-mail, and that chapter will have all the extra content I won’t have time to read at the Reading Series. Also, the mailing list will get one chapter a month, regardless if there is a Reading Series event that month or not. So since I will not be at the April session, the mailing list will already be one chapter ahead of anyone else. And did I mention it’s free, and I won’t share your e-mail address with anyone? Sign up today!
  • In June I will again be at a table at the Printers Row Lit Fest, trying to cajole total strangers into reading my work. I’ll have more information about that next month.

I will not be at the next THC Reading Series night on Saturday, April 22nd, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go. It will be the usual delightful evening of stories and tamales, and I recommend it to everyone, even if you just want to go and listen. I’ll be spending that weekend in Lombard at the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention, as I have for the past several years. No, I won’t be selling anything there. I’ll be just another fan for a few days, chatting with the dealers and publishers who are happy to take my money.

Thanks for reading!


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