August, 2017 Update

Big news this month is that I had a positive review of my most recent novel, The Sleep Detectives Go To Washington.

One of my writing heroes is Ron Fortier, one of the guys behind Airship 27, a leading publisher of New Pulp fiction.  I first met Ron at the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention in (I think) 2009, well before I wrote anything longer than some documentation at work.  The following year at the show, I asked him a general question about how to get started writing a story, and he took the time to explain in detail the genesis of a story he had just finished.  That conversation, and Ron’s enthusiasm about the writing process, was key in giving me the motivation to try my hand at writing fiction.

This year at Windy City, I gave Ron a copy of my latest novel and he said he’d review it.  He now has, and liked it, and has posted the review on his site.  You can read what he thinks at this link.  (Previously, he also reviewed my first Sleep Detectives novel.)

I’m a big fan of pulp fiction (the genre, not the movie) and I aspire to eventually write something in that vein. Maybe someday I’ll be good enough to get something published by Airship 27.

I have a few writing items to tell you about this month:

  • I’ve completed chapter 6 of the Barnstormers story, and am already working on Chapter 7.  I’ve worked out the resolution of the cliffhanger in chapter 6, and as my two main characters are now on their way across the country, I need to decide what their next destination will be.  As I mentioned in previous updates, there are currently three ways that you can follow the Barnstormers:
    • I read an abbreviated version of each chapter at the THC Reading Series.  (I need to shorten it because  to time limitations.)  I will be reading chapter 4 at the next Reading Series night on August 26th.
    • I post each chapter here on Barnstormers page after I read it.    Currently, the page contains chapter 3, and I will post chapter 4 after I read it in August.
    • If you want to read each entire, uncut chapter, you can subscribe to my mailing list.   I send out a monthly e-mail containing information about my writing projects, any open mic events or book shows I might be seen and heard at during the month, and anything new I might have going on in my life.  It’s pretty much what you read here, except you also get a link to a PDF of the next uncut chapter of Barnstormers.  And did I mention it’s free?  Sign up today!
  • The writers group that I coordinate will be the featured readers at the Tamale Hut in October, and as we did last year, we have been working on a group project for our feature.  The idea this year is that we all start our stories with the same sentence.  I’ve seen submissions from three of our group members, and the resulting stories could not be more different from each other.  I’ve already written one story and have an idea for another.  It’s been a lot of fun (as the writers group usually is) and I can’t wait to share with the Tamale Hut on October 28.

The next THC Reading Series night will be on Saturday, August 26, and as mentioned above, I will be reading a shortened version of chapter 4 of the Barnstormers story. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and listen to some interesting stories! There’s free parking, no admission, the tamales are excellent, and it’s BYOB.  We start at 7pm.

Thanks for reading!


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