September, 2017 Update

The big news this month is that I will again have a table at the annual Chicago Book Expo at Columbia College in downtown Chicago. This will be my fourth year at this “celebration of Chicago independent presses and authors”, and I will be there with some of my THC Writers Group friends to promote our work, as well as to promote the various arts-related offerings at the Tamale Hut Café. I’ve sold a few books there in previous years, but on top of making some contacts in the Chicago literary world, we’ve always have fun. If you’re anywhere near the Loop area on Sunday, October 1st, please stop by this free event and say hello. You might catch me after I slip into my “carnival barker” mode, which I’ve been told is quite entertaining to see.

I have a few writing items to tell you about this month:

  • I’ve just completed chapter 7 of Barnstormers, and am taking a short break before moving into Chapter 8. If you’ve been reading along, as I hope you have, you’ll know that I’ve moved the story out of the Flying Circus and have set my young aviatrices on the road. I’ve felt that this was the point that the story would really take off, but in the early chapters, I’d tried to keep the details as true to life as possible. Now I’m starting to bog myself down with details like figuring out, for instance, if they can easily get from point A to point B with the limited roads and travel options available to them in 1925. I need to stop sweating the small stuff so much and get back into the action. The writing is going really well through the action sequences!
  • I mentioned last month that members of the writers group I coordinate will be the featured readers at the Tamale Hut in October, and that we were all writing our stories with the same opening sentence. At this point, I’ve seen a half-dozen of the stories (with four more to read before this month’s meeting) and I’ve loved all that I’ve read. Plan to be at the Tamale Hut on October 28 to hear many of them read by their authors.

The next THC Reading Series night will be on Saturday, September 30, and I will be attending to see the featured reader, but will be leaving shortly afterward so I won’t be reading any Barnstormers this month. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and listen to some entertaining stories! There’s free parking, no admission, the tamales are excellent, and it’s BYOB. We start at 7pm.

Thanks for reading!


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