October, 2018 Update

This month started with my pals and I attending the annual Chicago Book Expo on Sunday, October 1st, and it hasn’t let up.  I’ve been working extra hours almost every day and have so far worked two of the Saturdays this month, with more extra work next weekend (all without the benefit of overtime.)  I don’t mean to complain, especially because I’m better off than I was a year ago, when my severance money was running out and few job offers were coming my way.  I only mention this as an explanation as to why this e-mail is so late, why I haven’t written much lately, and why I don’t have a Barnstormers chapter for you this month.
I do have a few writing-related items to pass along to you this month:

  • Next week, October 28, the members of the writers group I coordinate will be the featured readers at the Tamale Hut Cafe Reading Series in North Riverside.  We’ve all written stories that start with the same sentence, and the stories veer off in all kinds of directions.  Details of the event can be found at the Reading Series web site at https://thcreadingseries.wordpress.com/.
  • I need to make a few changes to chapter 7 of Barnstormers this month, so I’m not including it in this message.  I promise to have it for you next month, and while I haven’t started writing chapter 8, I have been working through the plot in my head in the scant free time I’ve had.

As mentioned above, the next THC Reading Series night will be on Saturday, October 28, and I will be reading a short story I wrote for the project, something that is in a different style than what I usually write. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and listen to some entertaining stories, many with the same opening sentence! There’s free parking, no admission, the tamales are excellent, and it’s BYOB.  We start at 7pm.

Thanks for reading!

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